European Conference on

Radiation and its Effects on Components and Systems

September 16-20th, 2019
Montpellier, France


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"Prepare for the next decade"

RADECS 2019 will include a full-day Short Course on Monday September 16th.

This short course is intended for beginners as well as experts in the field. Background information and fundamental concepts will be presented before focusing on various effects and technologies that are, and will be in the next decade, at play. It will cover displacement damage and ionizing dose for silicon devices and emerging technologies. The issue of low energy protons for single event effects will be also addressed for space and high altitude environments. In addition, a talk on the complex challenge of mitigation techniques in FPGAs will be given. Finally, radiation hardness assurance strategies for aerospace systems will be presented.

Short Course Chair: Frédéric Wrobel, University of Montpellier


Overview of the Main Concepts of Radiation Effects and their Evolution over the 30 years of RADECS Conferences
Philippe Paillet, CEA
TID Effects, Border Traps, and 1/f Noise in Emerging Technologies
Dan Fleetwood, Vanderbilt University
Low Energy Protons - Where and Why "Rare Events" Matter
Kenneth P. Rodbell, IBM Research
Radiation Effects and Mitigation Techniques in FPGAs: the Complexity Challenge
Luis Entrena, University Carlos III of Madrid
Miguel Aguirre, University of Sevilla
Radiation Hardness Assurance: Evolving for New Space
Jonathan Pellish, NASA
Michael Campola, NASA/GSFC

At the end of the Short Course, there will be a short exam for attendees who want to evaluate their understanding about the talks. Attendees who pass the exam will receive a certificate.